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4 Ways to Dress Up your Outdoor Pergolas

The groundhog has spoken, spring is coming early! That means your days of spending all of your time indoors are coming to an end. It’s about time to start dressing up your outdoor space, so you have a new location to relax in and to start soaking up some well needed vitamin D. A pergola, an outdoor garden feature, either in the form of a walkway, passageway or sitting area, is a fun way to dress up your yard. By decorating your outdoor pergolas, you can make your space a true sanctuary to hang out in.


4 Outdoor Pergolas Ideas

1. Train Your Vines

If you’re looking for a natural way to not only dress up your pergola but also add some shade for yourself, train your climbing plants to go around the top of your outdoor pergola. Vines are a natural decoration that will add beauty and enhance your space.

outdoor pergola

2. String Lights

When the sun starts to go down, the lights come on. You’ll add an ambiance factor that will make your pergola much more inviting and entertaining for everyone. There’s no need for outdoor living to stop just because the sun may be setting.

3. Hang a Hammock or Swing

Make this truly a place where you can relax and enjoy by adding a swing. Not only will this feature add a nice design element to your pergola, it serves as a nice seat to relax in and just enjoy the outdoors. The extra seating will be convenient for when you decide to entertain and share your great space with others.

outdoor pergola

4. Add a Sun Blocker

Don’t let the sun deter you from getting outside. Add a functional yet decorative sun blocker on the top of any outdoor pergolas to protect yourself and others from the sun. This will be exceptionally beneficial for those beautiful days when there isn’t a cloud in sight. You can spend all of your time outdoors without worry of what time of day it is.

Outdoor pergolas are a great way to dress up your outside space and give you a reason to spend all of your time outdoors. Soak up some vitamin D during the day and relax under the stars at night. Having a nicely decorated pergola is a great way to add an elegant touch to your home.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, contact Family Fence. We’ll create a custom PVC pergola to fit your exact needs.

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