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Wood Fence Care Tips for Ensuring Everlasting Durability

Wood Fence Care

A fence is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to establish a proper border around your home’s property. Not only will it have a definitive outline and protect your pets and kids, but it can also enhance the look and aesthetic of your yard. Without proper maintenance, fences can deteriorate and look worse over time. That’s why you need some insightful wood fence care tips to keep it looking as good as new!


Helpful Wood Fence Care Tips for Homeowners


Over time, you will need to put some extra work in to ensure that your fence is always well-maintained. Usually, most homeowners will use a pressure washer to get it done, which many people rent in order to get the most out of their fence cleaning.

While washing, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to remove dirt or mold buildup that can plague a fence.

Woof Fence Care
What to Use

There are tons of treatment products available at your local hardware store or garden center. Just make sure to follow manufacturer's recommendation before you start cleaning. By the time you’re done, all of that gross dirt and mold should be completely gone and your fence should look brand-new.

Fence Staining

It’s common practice for people to stain their fences after a while. This process is done to create a barrier that prevents moisture from damaging and rotting the wood. It will also give your fence a deeper hue that can enrich your yard’s look and feel.

It’s important to take the time to wash your fence first before staining it, which should be done a week prior, so it can dry first.

Wood Fence Care
The Set-Up

Since it’s petroleum-based, stain seeps into the top layer, unlike paint which sticks to the surface. This requires the fence to be completely dry before application.

Once you and the fence are ready, it’s time to start staining, which can be easily done using a brush, roller, power or a hand-pumped stain sprayer . No matter the method you use, make sure to apply an even coat to the fence. Cover the entire surface. If you see areas that are blotchy or where the stain puddles, use a brush or roller to smooth these areas out.

A final tip: Every once in a while, you should make sure the fence’s posts and pickets are sturdy and not about to fall off. Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, you can rest comfortably knowing you’ve done everything you can to ensure the best wood fence care for your yard.

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