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Winter Landscaping Tips to Prep your Yard for Cold Weather

Winter Landscaping Tips

Before the winter weather is in full swing, it’s important to prepare your lawn, garden and yard to withstand the seasonal temperatures and snow. Otherwise, the cold temperatures and wind can crack pavement, dry out your grass and ruin plants. We’ve compiled a few quick and easy winter landscaping tips that will help sustain your yard so that it blooms and shines when the warm weather rolls back around.


Winter Landscaping Tips to Live by

Garden Essentials

Since most of your typical plants will likely go dormant during the winter months, you will need to find those that can endure the weather. Here are a few plants that can help ensure your garden never loses its flair:

  • Lenten roses

  • Conifers

  • Colored-twig dogwoods

  • Camellias

  • Hollies

These plants typically bloom by January and will stay evergreen all winter long. Also, if you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to add a bit more color to your yard, vibrant pots for your plants can be an understated way to achieve that perfect festive pop you’re looking for!

Winter Landscaping Tips

Lawn Care

Although your lawn pretty much stops growing during the winter, under the surface, its roots continue to develop and go deeper. That’s what makes fall the perfect time to fertilize your grass. It’s also a great time to put sod down and reseed bare patches.

By feeding and giving special attention to your lawn during the fall, it will continue to stay strong without cracking and drying out when faced with freezing temperatures.

If you have any shrubs that you’d still like to be there when spring arrives, it’s best to wrap them in burlap and place mulch around the base so they doesn’t freeze.

Winter Landscaping Tips


Unfortunately, walkways and paths take a serious beating when the winter weather battens down on your property. Even the slightest changes to the temperature and humidity will cause concrete to heave and settle.

To prevent this from happening, it’s ideal to get rid of all water and debris buildup to lower your chances of sustaining damage. You can do this by installing proper drainage.

Finally, don’t forget to clean, drain and cover your pool so that animals and leaves stay completely out of it. If you have an outdoor hot tub, be sure to regularly check on the status of the pipes, which are prone to freezing.

Winter Landscaping Tips


Last but not least, there are a few important precautions you can take to make sure that your tree doesn’t become a nuisance this winter. You can start by removing any large or looming branches that you feel might become a problem.

It’s also a good idea to keep all limbs away from your roof and all power lines so that the trees don’t fall and take down gutters with them.


After a full season of use during the summer, it’s best to give your deck a good cleaning. You can sweep, clean out the cracks and even wash it down with a common deck soap that you can find at a store like Home Depot.

Also, don’t forget to put your deck furniture away for the season. The cold temperatures and blistering winds can topple and crack even your favorite pieces. That’s why it’s best to throw them in a garage, shed or storage unit until summer rolls back around.

The cold weather ahead doesn’t have to spell doom for your yard, garden and lawn, especially if you pay close attention to these sage winter landscaping tips.

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