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Get Ready to Spring Forward with These 3 Tips

Contrary to popular belief, daylight savings in the spring does not add an extra hour of daylight to each day. Rather, it takes an hour of daylight from the morning and pushes it to the evening. This trade results in the long spring and summer nights that we cherish. This year, spring forward falls on Sunday, March 14th. If you want to enjoy every moment of the warmer months, it is time to start preparing!


Spring Forward Checklist

The arrival of spring brings warmer weather and more time spent outside, especially paired with the fact that outdoor gatherings are considered the safest way to meet up with friends and family during this pandemic.

To create the optimal outdoor spot, and a safe one at that, use our spring forward checklist:

1. Clean Up the Yard

The first thing you’ll need to do for your yard in the spring is to do some clean up. Remove any twigs, leaves, or debris by using a rake or blower. If this step is neglected, your lawn mower can get clogged and any fertilizer, seed, or other yard supplement will not be able to reach the lawn.

Weeding is also a crucial part of cleaning up your yard. Dandelions begin to appear in the spring. While a couple hints of yellow in your yard may not bother you, these weed-like flowers can get out of hand if they’re allowed to grow. You can avoid this by snapping off the stems of the flowers before they release seeds, or you can dig them out of the ground entirely to remove the roots.

2. Fertilize

You’ll want to add fertilizer to your yard first thing in the spring. This will help healthy grass grow. Some fertilizers are combined with pre-emergent, which combats against crabgrass. By distributing this mixture twice in early and mid-spring, your lawn will be the sharpest on the block!

3. Install the Fencing You’ve Been Waiting to Put Up

Fencing is one of the best things you can add to your yard in terms of privacy, safety, and aesthetics. Visually, a fence can clean up a yard and make a great barrier between your gardens and the neighboring property. If you’re going to be spending time outside with friends, a fence can give you privacy from your neighbors and truly make your yard feel like an extension of your home. Lastly, a fence creates a safe space where strangers cannot enter from the outside and children or pets cannot stray from the inside.

Now is the best time to install a fence so you can reap the benefits for the entirety of the warmer seasons. When spring forward arrives and you can feel summer around the corner, be prepared. Call Family Fence today to figure out what kind of fence is right for your yard! Our trusted team of experts is here to help.

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