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Pergola Plant Ideas for Spring

Spring will be here before we know it, so homeowners should start getting their yards in order. One component that can make all of the difference in turning basic landscaping into a talking piece is a pergola. Many don’t realize how much gardening can be incorporated around these structures. To take your curb appeal to the next level, try the following pergola plant ideas!


Which Pergola Plants Are the Best?

Once you have your affordable PVC pergola from Family Fence in place, all that’s left to do is pick the right plants to tie it into the rest of your garden. Did you know there are several types of plants that will wrap, adhere, or curl to climb up your pergola? Here are the best ones to consider:


Attached to either the stems or leaves of some plants are thin, wiry tendrils that attach themselves to structures like your pergola. They do this by reaching in the air until they find something to grab onto and then curl into a coil around it for support. Some examples of tendrils include:

· Passion flowers

· Grape vines

· Sweet peas


Twiners curl around structures from their leaves or stems as tendrils do, but these types of plants can only attach to very slender objects, making them unsuitable for pergolas. However, many people who desire certain twiner plants attach a trellis panel to their pergolas to give additional support for these climbing plants. Some twining plants include:

· Clematis

· Jasmine

· Honeysuckle

Plants with Adhesive Pads

These pergola plants will climb (or crawl) just about any surface. Their stem tendrils do not wrap, but instead stick to surfaces with adhesive pads. Boston Ivy is a commonly seen plant with adhesive pads.

Clinging Stem Roots

This group of plants is sure to climb your pergola. They attach by sprouting clusters of roots that cling to surfaces. These clusters are so strong that they can even cause damage to a surface if you try to remove them. One of our favorites amongst these plants is the climbing hydrangea.

Non-Climbing Plants

There are plants that do not naturally grow on pergolas or similar structures, but they appear to belong there nevertheless. Use your decorative skills to incorporate the following plants into your pergola setup.

Hanging Plants

Virtually any plant can be hung in a hanging basket and attached to your pergola. Choose spring florals to add a pop of color to your landscaping and plant them in a basket to be hung.


Scramblers are plants that have flexible and strong stems that help them grow, but they are unable to climb on their own. While these pergola plants do have thorns that can help them stick to neighboring stems, you will need to tie these plants yourself to the pergola using string or wire. The climbing rose is one of the most popular scrambler plants to utilize on a pergola.

There are endless ways to spruce up your pergola, so don’t wait to have Family Fence install your custom PVC pergola. To get your landscaping ready for spring, call us today!

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