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Determining which Fence Types are Right for your Yard

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Oftentimes, homeowners will feel that, without a fence surrounding the edge of the property, their yards are incomplete and lack privacy. Besides portioning the lot off from neighboring properties, a fence can visually add to the overall aesthetic and ambiance that you’re trying to create. Here’s a quick rundown of all the different fence types and the benefits of each.


Basic Fence Types for Different

Kinds of Properties


PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most widely used synthetic plastics in the entire world. Whether it’s in a rigid or flexible form, PVC is commonly found in pipes, cables, and bottles; but did you know that it’s also one of the most popular fence types around?

This type of fencing is primarily used to replace old wooden stakes and pickets by using PVC sleeves as a way to add more stability. Aside from being one of the more affordable fence options, PVC can withstand many years of wear and tear by resisting those unpredictable outdoor elements.

There are tons of color and wood grain options available to choose from when deciding the make-up of your PVC fence. The seemingly endless number of options gives you a wide array of decoration possibilities.

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Next, you have the classic wood fence. Not only does wood have a completely natural-looking appearance, it can also measure from three to eight feet tall, so all of your privacy needs can be met and exceeded.

The unique “Tongue and Groove” design allows the fence to appear the same on both sides. This way, your neighbors will not have to endure the unattractive backside of a fence. Also, your wood fence can be made from trees like:

  • Spruce

  • White Cedar

  • Red Cedar

Family Fence also offers homeowners a unique element of customization for their wood fences. It’s important that people are able to add their unique individuality to a fencing design that will remain in their backyard for the foreseeable future.

Pool fence
Chain Link

Another prominent fence type that homeowners are using these days is the standard chain link fence. What’s unique about chain link is that it has a protective, weight-coated layer. The idea is that this galvanized iron will provide an extra element of durability.

Its attractive finish is also preferable for homeowners looking to capture that classic chain link look for their yard. Not to mention, it comes in green, black, white or brown. If you need more privacy, inserts can be attached.

Pool fence

There are tons of other great fencing options available; this is a standard summary of the most basic types for beginners. Use these facts to decide which of these fence types is ideal for your situation!

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